Silvère Moon-Gangloff
Post-doctoral researcher and scholar start-
-up, currently in Kraków.
Ph.D. in mathematics.


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"This basin was of great depth, but so transparent was the water that the bottom, which seemed to consist of a thick mass of small round alabaster pebbles, was distinctly visible by glimpses, that is to say, whenever the eye could permit itself not to see, far down in the inverted heaven, the duplicate blooming of the hills." - E.A. Poe, in The domain of Arnheim.

Keywords: dynamical systems, multidimensional subshifts of finite type, entropy, computability, turing machines, statistical physics, square ice, consciousness, organisedness (dynamical systems), causality, natural language processing, machine learning.

Here is a description of my past research and research project and a short CV (updated 31st of Oct. 2020), and here a description of some teaching principles I believe in. One can find a history of my writting on page "Research documents", and information and archives on the work group "Exact computation of topological entropy of multidimensional subshifts of finite type" on page "Work group", and a commented bibliography related to my current and past research on page "Bibliography".

Some opinion post by Y.Lecun about the current publishing model.

A manifesto [in French], by S.Sené for the choice of collective affiliation amongst universities.


Ph.D. Thesis
I defended my thesis at the end of June 2018. Here is my manuscript (in english) and my presentation (in french).
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